The following Honda and Acura vehicles use what is known as the "red key - black key" immobilizer system. 

1997 - 2005 Acura NSX

1996 - 2004 Acura RL

1997 - 2002 Honda Prelude

When ALL keys are lost for one of the above vehicles, the immobilizer module must be replaced before the new keys can be programmed for the vehicle. Honda sells a kit that contains the module and two uncut keyblanks. One of the keys is red, and is known as the programming key, the other key is black, and is known as the user key. 

When I last checked, the dealer price for the Honda kit was north of $245.00. Add to that another user key, the cost of having all keys cut to the vehicles key code and then programmed with a scan tool, and you have a considerable expense! 

We have a better way! 

For less than $200.00, we can get you back on the road with 2 user keys, cut to the mechanical key code of your vehicle and pre-programmed to the immobilizer module. This is truly a plug and play operation, no need for a locksmith or dealer tech to program the keys with a scan tool or computer. 

Just follow the directions belowand you are on the way. 


  • Obtain the mechanical key code for the vehicle. If you don't know how to do this, look here.
  • Remove the immobilizer module from vehicle. Instructions are here.
  • Fill out the Honda Immobilizer request form.
  • Ship the module and form to the address on the form. 


We will return your module to you along with 2 Transponder keys, cut to your key code and matched to your module. Just re-install the module, and you are ready to drive the car.