Key Codes:

Most Honda, and some Acura vehicles have the mechanical key code stamped on the locks. A valet lockout cylinder is the easiest lock to remove, followed by the glove box lock or the trunk lock. The code os stamped on the exterior of the lock in VERY small printing. Many times there will be more than the code stamped on the lock, but the code is the last four numeric digits. You may also have the code tag that came with the original keys when the car was new.  The key code series for the Honda vehicles in question is 5001 - 8442.


Immobilizer Module:

The immobilizer module is mounted under the dash on the drivers side of the vehicle. It is held in place by two 6mm bolts with 10 mm hex heads. It is mounted to the left of the steering column, very close to the clutch /brake pedal infrastructure. It has two wiring harnesses attached to it, and has a model number HLI510 on it. 

Honda Immobilizer module