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Toyota and Lexus Immobilizers

Maybe you have had this happen to you. You own a 1998 - 2003 Lexus or Toyota vehicle and you lost your keys.  No big deal, you think. You'll just get a new key cut and be on your way.

Not so fast! You are about to learn more than you wantet to know about the first generation of Toyota Immobilizers. Turns out that the engineers at Toyota neglected to consider the number of people who lose their keys every day here in the US. They forgot to put a back door into the system to allow for matching transponder keys to the vehicle after all keys have been lost. Worse yet, the system will not recognise a valet key for the purposes of programming additional keys.

Toyota's Solution?  Buy a new engine control module. Cost? Upwards of $1000.00 for the module, plus keys and installation.

There must be a better way!

There is!

Keys For My Car can clear the key register in your Toyota or Lexus immobilizer, and return it to you ready to match your transponder keys to the internal key register. Better yet, we can provide the keys as well, already matched to the immobilizer. All you do is plug in the module and you're done!  We can do this for less than half the cost of just purchasing a new module from Toyota.

Just fill out the provided order form, box up the ECU or ICU and ship it to us. If you have keys, send them as well. If you don't have keys, we can help you with that problem. We will clear the key register and or program the keys the same day we receive the shipment and have it on the way back to you the following day.


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