Ford Motor Companies recent addition to the small van / utility market is the Transit Connect. It has turned out to be a very popular service vehicle for the trades. Used by plumbers, electricians, painters, locksmiths, and many other trades. It's also become quite popular as a delivery vehicle, being used for delivering flowers, auto parts, dry goods, pizzas, and much more. 

The locks on these vans are a little unusual compared to what we see on must other U.S. vehicles, however they are common in Europe. They are known as Tibbe locks, and use a cobination of rotating discs and a sidebar driven by a key with six bittings comprised of four different angles. There are three different configurations for the keys.


  • Tibbe key only.
  • Tibbe key with electronic transponder
  • Tibbe key with electronic transponder and wireless remote entry.

We stock all of the above keys and can cut and program them while you wait.